Vivitar 5100 User Manual (en)

Setting the Image Resolution and Quality
Resolution and quality settings determine the pixel size (dimension), image file size, and compression ratio for
your images. These settings affect the number of images that can be stored in memory, or on an SD memory card.
As you get to know ViviCam 5100, it is recommended that you try each quality and resolution setting to get an
appreciation for the effects that these settings will have on your images.
Higher resolution and higher quality images offer the best photographic results but produce large file sizes. Therefore,
fewer images will take up more memory space.
High resolution and quality settings are recommended for printed output and situations requiring the finest detail.
Lower resolution/quality images take up less memory space and may be quite suitable for sharing images via
e-mail, in a report, or on a web page.
To change image resolution or quality settings perform the steps below:
1. Press the MENU button to enter the Capture menu and select Size or Qual-
ity by using the 
 button. Press the 
 button to enter the sub-menu.
2.After entering the sub-menu, select your option by using the 
Press the 
 button to confirm the setting.
3. To exit, press the MENU button.