Vivitar 5100 User Manual (en)

Portrait Mode
Taking pictures by selecting [   ] Portrait mode helps you to construct portraits in which the main subject stands
out sharply and clearly while the background’s details are out of focus.
1. Press the MENU button to enter the Capture menu and select Scene by
using the 
 button. Press the 
 button to enter the sub-menu.
2. After entering the sub-menu, select [Portrait] by using the 
Press the 
 button to confirm the setting.
LCD monitor will display [   ] as Portrait mode icon.
3. To exit, press the MENU button.
In [   ] Portrait mode, ISO speed cannot be set.
In [   ] Portrait mode, in a dark or night-time background, Flash mode defaults to [
] Red-eye reduction.
For other settings like Language, Power Off time or others choose Setup in Capture/Video/Playback menu.