Vivitar 5100 User Manual (en)

In [ 
 ] Playback mode, you can view, magnify your images or play video clips back. This mode even provides
thumbnail images display and slide show, allowing you to quickly search for the image that you want or play the
images back one by one automatically.
Single Image Playback
Play back still images one at a time.
1. Press the MODE button twice to enter [ 
 ] Playback mode.
The last recorded image appears on the LCD monitor.
2. View and select your recorded images by using the   /   button.
To view the previous image, press the     button.
To view the next image, press the   button.
To exit [ 
 ] Playback mode, press MODE button.
If there is no image stored in the internal memory or on the memory card, [No Image] message will appear on
the LCD monitor.
During playback, the recorded image appears to be larger than the one on preview in capture mode.
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