Vivitar 5100 User Manual (en)

Viewing Video Clips
To view the recorded video clips, follow the steps below:
1.Press the MODE button twice to enter [ 
 ] Playback mode.
2.Select the video clip that you want to view by using the    /   button.
Automated Playback (Slide Show)
Slide show function enables you to play your images back automatically in sequential order as a slide show.
This is a very useful and entertaining feature for reviewing recorded images and for presentations.
1. Press the MODE button twice to enter [ 
 ] Playback mode. Then press
    the MENU button to enter the Playback menu.
2. Select “Slide Show” by using 
 button then press the 
 button to
enter the sub-menu.
3. Set the playback interval by using the 
 button and press
 button to confirm.
The slide-show starts displaying your images on the LCD monitor,
     one by one, with the interval that you set.
To stop the slide-show display, press the 
To cancel automated playback (slide show) you may press the MENU button to exit.
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