Vivitar 5100 User Manual (en)

Formatting an SD Memory Card or Internal Memory
This utility formats the internal memory (or memory card) and deletes all stored images and data.
1. Press the MENU button to enter Setup in any mode.
2. Select [Format ] by using the 
 button. Press the 
 button to enter
    the sub-menu.
3. If you want to format the SD memory card or the internal memory choose
[Execute] by pressing 
 button, then press the 
 button to confirm.
To cancel the action, select [Cancel].
[No Image] pops up after the SD memory card or the internal memory
     is been formatted.
Be sure the SD memory card is properly inserted into the camera before formatting it.
To format images or video clips recorded in the internal memory, be sure to remove your SD memory card first.
For complete compatibility, be sure NOT to select FAT 32 as the file system when you format the SD card in
your computer. Memory cards formatted in FAT 32 file system will not be recognized by this camera.