Vivitar 5100 User Manual (en)

Your ViviCam 5100 adjusts the exposure each scene automatically. However, when the subject is too dark or too
bright, ViviCam 5100 adjusts the brightness or darker. This is called EV compensation.
The EV compensation of your ViviCam 5100 can be adjusted from [-2.0 EV] to [+2.0 EV] (0.5 EV step).
To adjust EV, press the 
 button and press the 
 button to confirm.
Effective Subjects and Set Values
Positive (+) Compensation
Copying of printed text (black characters on white paper)
Backlit portraits
Very bright scenes (such as snowfields) and highly reflective subjects
Shots made up predominantly of sky
Negative (-) Compensation
Spot lighted subjects, particularly against dark backgrounds
Imaging of printed text (white characters on black paper)
Scenes with low reflectivity, such as shots of green or dark foliage