Vivitar 5100 User Manual (en)

  White Balance
When the brightness of the light changes, our eyes adapt the difference so
that the white object remains white. For digital still cameras, they can also
see the white object as white by averaging the light around the subject.
ViviCam 5100 determines the white balance by averaging the various kinds
of light that actually enters the lens. You may set in advance the white bal-
ance when taking photographs under specific lighting conditions (Auto,
Daylight, Cloudy, Sunset, Tungsten and Fluorescent).
[Auto]: automatically adjusting the white balance.
 Daylight]: for recording outdoors on a bright day.
  Cloudy]: for recording overcast, shaded, twilight or evening skies.
  Sunset]: for recording under sunset.
[    Tungsten]: for recording under normal incandescent room lighting.
  Fluorescent]: for recording under fluorescent lighting condition.