Vivitar 5100 User Manual (en)

Playback Menu
Use the Playback menu you can create an on-camera slide show. You may also delete one or all stored images,
format your SD memory card or the internal memory.
1. Press MODE button twice to enter  [ 
 ] Playback mode.
Then press the MENU button to enter Playback menu.
Scroll through the options by using the 
2. To enter the sub-menu, press the 
 button. After settings are set, press the 
  button to confirm.
Playback menu items: Delete, Copy to Card, Slide Show and Protect.
Refer to “Deleting Images/Video Clips” in DELETING IMAGES.
  Copy to Card
This feature allows you to copy your images/video clips from the camera's
memory. This functions is enabled when the SD memory card is loaded
and the internal memory contains images/video clips.
  Slide Show
Refer to “Automated Playback (Slide Show)” in IMAGE PLAYBACK.
Refer to “Protecting Images” in IMAGE PLAYBACK.