Canon A1400 User Manual (en)

 Chapter Contents
Power-Saving Features (Auto Power Down)
As a way to conserve battery power, the camera automatically 
deactivates the screen (Display Off) and then turns itself off after a 
specific period of inactivity.
Power Saving in Shooting Mode
The screen is automatically deactivated after about one minute 
of inactivity. In about two more minutes, the lens is retracted and 
the camera turns itself off. To activate the screen and prepare for 
shooting when the screen is off but the lens is still out, press the 
shutter button halfway (
Power Saving in Playback Mode
The camera turns itself off automatically after about five minutes
of inactivity.
You can deactivate Auto Power Down and adjust the timing of 
Power saving is not active while the camera is connected to a 
computer (