Canon sx260hs User Manual (en)

Specific Scenes
Each set of images shot continuously is managed as a single group, and only 
the first image in that group will be displayed. To indicate that the image is 
part of a group, 
 is displayed in the upper left of the screen.
Focus, image brightness, and color are determined by the first shot.
The screen is blank while you are shooting.
There may be a delay after continuous shooting before you can shoot again. 
Additionally, depending on the memory card, there may be a delay before you 
can shoot again. Speed Class 6 or higher memory cards are recommended.
Shooting may slow down depending on shooting conditions, camera settings, 
and the zoom position.
When using Face ID (p. 69), the location in the image where the name is 
recorded will be determined in the first shot, and will be recorded in the same 
place for further shots.
Images Displayed During Playback
If you erase a grouped image (p. 163), all images in the group are 
also erased. Be careful when erasing images.
Grouped images can be played back individually (p. 153) and ungrouped 
(p. 154).
Protecting (p. 159) a grouped image will protect all images in the group.
Grouped images can be viewed individually when played back using Image 
Search (p. 151) or Smart Shuffle (p. 158). In this case, images are temporarily 
Grouped images cannot be tagged as favorites (p. 167), edited (pp. 165 – 177), 
categorized (p. 168), printed (p. 204), set for printing individually (p. 212), or 
added to a Photobook (p. 214), Face ID information cannot be edited (p. 73), 
and they cannot be assigned as a start-up image (p. 184). To do these things, 
either view grouped images individually (p. 153) or cancel grouping (p. 154)