Canon sx260hs User Manual (en)

Safety Precautions
Use only the recommended battery.
Do not place the battery near or in direct flame.
Unplug the power cord periodically, and using a dry cloth, wipe away any dust 
and dirt that has collected on the plug, the exterior of the power outlet, and the 
surrounding area.
Do not handle the power cord with wet hands.
Do not use the equipment in a manner that exceeds the rated capacity of the 
electrical outlet or wiring accessories. Do not use if the power cord or plug are 
damaged, or not fully plugged into the outlet.  
Do not allow dirt or metal objects (such as pins or keys) to contact the terminals 
or plug.
The battery may explode or leak, resulting in electrical shock or fire. This could cause 
injury and damage the surroundings. In the event that a battery leaks and the battery 
electrolyte contacts eyes, mouth, skin or clothing, immediately flush with water.
Turn the camera off in places where camera use is prohibited.
The electromagnetic waves emitted by the camera may interfere with the operation of 
electronic instruments and other devices. Exercise adequate caution when using the 
camera in places where use of electronic devices is restricted, such as inside airplanes 
and medical facilities.  
Do not play the supplied CD-ROM(s) in any CD player that does not support data 
It is possible to suffer hearing loss from listening with headphones to the loud sounds of 
a CD-ROM played on an audio CD player (music player). Additionally, this could damage 
the speakers.
Denotes the possibility of injury.
When holding the camera by the strap, be careful not to bang it, subject it to 
strong impacts or shocks, or let it get caught on other objects.
Be careful not to bump or push strongly on the lens.
This could lead to injury or damage the camera.
Be careful not to subject the screen to strong impacts.
If the screen cracks, injury may result from the broken fragments.
When using the flash, be careful not to cover it with your fingers or clothing.
This could result in burns or damage to the flash.
Avoid using, placing or storing the product in the following places:
Places subject to strong sunlight
Places subject to temperatures above 40 °C (104 °F)
Humid or dusty areas
These could cause leakage, overheating or an explosion of the battery, resulting in 
electrical shock, fire, burns or other injuries. 
High temperatures may cause deformation of the camera or battery charger casing.