Canon sx260hs User Manual (en)

White dots or similar image artifacts appear in flash shots.
This is caused by light from the flash reflecting off dust or airborne particles.
Shots look grainy.
Lower the ISO speed (p. 118).
High ISO speeds in some shooting modes may cause grainy images (p. 95).
Subjects are affected by red-eye (p. 80).
Set [Red-Eye Lamp] to [On] (p. 87) to activate the red-eye reduction lamp (p. 4) in flash 
shots. Note that while the red-eye reduction lamp is on (for about one second), it is not 
possible to shoot, because the lamp is counteracting red-eye. For best results, have 
subjects look at the red-eye reduction lamp. Also try increasing the lighting in indoor 
scenes and shooting at closer range.
Edit images using red-eye correction (p. 177).
Recording to the memory card takes too long, or continuous shooting is 
Use the camera to perform low-level formatting of the memory card (p. 186).
Shooting settings or FUNC. menu settings are not available.
Available setting items vary by shooting mode. Refer to “Functions Available in Each 
Shooting Mode”, “FUNC. Menu”, and “Shooting Menu” (pp. 230 – 237).
Buttons do not work.
Some buttons are disabled when the mode dial is set to 
The Babies or Children icon does not display. 
The Babies and Children icons will not display if the birthday is not set in face 
information (p. 69). If the icons still do not display even when you set the birthday, re-
register face information (p. 75), or make sure that the date/time are set correctly 
(p. 17). 
Shooting Movies
The elapsed time shown is incorrect, or recording is interrupted.
Use the camera to format the memory card, or switch to a card that supports high-speed 
recording. Note that even if the elapsed time display is incorrect, the length of movies 
on the memory card corresponds to the actual recording time (p. 185).
 is displayed and shooting stops automatically.
The camera’s internal memory buffer filled up as the camera could not record to the 
memory card quickly enough. Try one of the following measures.
Use the camera to perform low-level formatting of the memory card (p. 186).
Lower the image quality (p. 82).
Switch to a memory card that supports high-speed recording (see “Specifications”  in 
the Getting Started guide.).
Zooming is not possible.
Zooming is not possible when shooting movies in