Canon sx260hs User Manual (en)

On-Screen Messages
Exceeded selection limit
More than 998 images were selected for Print List (p. 210) or Photobook Set-up 
(p. 214). Choose 998 images or less.
Print List (p. 210) or Photobook Set-up (p. 214) settings could not be saved correctly. 
Reduce the number of selected images and try again.
Communication error
An excessive amount of images (approx. 1,000) on the memory card prevented printing 
or image transfer to a computer. To transfer the images, use a commercially available 
USB card reader. To print, insert the memory card directly into the printer card slot.
Naming error!
When the highest folder number (999), and the highest image number (9999) has been 
reached, new folders cannot be created, and images cannot be recorded. In the 
menu, change [File Numbering] to [Auto Reset] (p. 187), or format the memory card 
(p. 185).
Lens Error
This error may occur if the lens is held while it is moving, or when the camera is used 
in dusty or sandy locations.
Frequent display of this error message may indicate camera damage. In this case, 
contact a Canon Customer Support Help Desk.
A camera error was detected (error number)
If this error message is displayed immediately after a shot, the image may not have 
been saved. Switch to Playback mode to check for the image.
Frequent display of this error message may indicate camera damage. In this case, write 
down the error number (Exx) and contact a Canon Customer Support Help Desk.
File Error
It may not be possible to print computer-edited images or images shot with another 
Print error
Check the paper size setting. If this error message is displayed when the setting is 
correct, restart the printer and complete the setting on the camera again.
Ink absorber full
Contact a Canon Customer Support Help Desk to request assistance with ink absorber