Canon sx260hs User Manual (en)

Use the mode dial to access each shooting mode.
Press the 
l button to view other information on the screen, or to hide the 
information. For details on the information displayed, see p. 226.
Shooting Modes
You can turn the mode dial to switch to Shooting mode from Playback mode.
Shooting Display Options
Movie Mode
For shooting movies (p. 111).
You can also shoot movies 
when the mode dial is not set 
to Movie mode, simply by 
pressing the movie button.
Easy Mode
Convenient shooting, simply by pressing the 
shutter button (p. 91).
Movie Digest Mode
Automatically compile clips captured before 
each shot that day into a short movie (pp. 92, 
Special Scene Mode
Shoot with optimal settings for specific scenes 
(p. 93).
Live View Control Mode
Customize image brightness or colors 
when shooting (p. 90).
Auto Mode
Fully automatic shooting, with camera-
determined settings (pp. 21, 54).
Creative Filters Mode
Add a variety of effects to images when 
shooting (p. 103).
Discreet Mode
Shoot without the flash or camera sounds 
(p. 110).
P, Tv, Av, and M Modes
Take a variety of shots using 
your preferred settings 
(pp. 115, 139).
Information is displayed
No information is displayed
Screen brightness is automatically increased by the night display function when 
you are shooting under low light, making it easier to check how shots are 
composed. However, on-screen image brightness may not match the 
brightness of your shots. Note that any on-screen image distortion or jerky 
subject motion will not affect recorded images.
For playback display options, see p. 148.