Canon sx260hs User Manual (en)

Shooting in Smart Auto Mode
The background color of 
, and 
 is dark blue, and the background 
color of 
 is orange.
When shooting movies, only People, Other Subjects, and At Close Range icons will be 
When shooting with the self-timer, People (In Motion), Smiling, Sleeping, Babies 
(Smiling), Babies (Sleeping), Children, Other Subjects (In Motion) icons will not be 
When the drive mode is set to 
 (p. 124), and when [Hg Lamp Corr.] is set to [On] and 
scenes are automatically corrected (p. 81), Smiling, Sleeping, Babies (Smiling), Babies 
(Sleeping), and Children icons will not be displayed. 
If the flash is set to 
!, the Backlit icons for Smiling and Children will not be displayed.
Babies, Babies (Smiling), Babies (Sleeping), and Children icons will be displayed when 
[Face ID] is set to [On], and the face of a registered baby (under two years old) or child 
(from two to twelve years old) is detected (p. 71). Confirm beforehand that the date and 
time are correct (p. 17).
If you press the shutter button halfway when one of the icons in the table 
below is displayed, one of the following icons will be displayed to inform you 
that the camera will shoot continuous images: 
, or 
Try shooting in 
G mode (p. 115) if the scene icon does not match 
actual shooting conditions, or if it is not possible to shoot with your 
expected effect, color, or brightness.
Continuous Shooting Scenes
Smiling (including 
 : Consecutive images are captured, and the camera 
analyzes details such as facial expressions to save the 
image determined to be the best.
Sleeping (including 
 : Beautiful shots of sleeping faces, created by combining 
consecutive shots to reduce camera shake and image 
The AF assist beam will not light up, the flash will not fire, 
and the shutter sound will not be played.
W : So you don’t miss a photo opportunity of children who 
move around, the camera will capture three consecutive 
images for each shot.
In some scenes, expected images may not be saved, and images 
may not look as expected.
Focus, image brightness, and color are determined by the first shot.