Nikon D300s Brochure (en)

Printed in Holland  Code No. 6CE90050 (0907/A) K
“The best autofocus I’ve ever experienced.”
This is the ideal outdoor camera — for both landscapes 
and action shots. For sports and action, it is the 
autofocus combined with high-speed continuous 
shooting that stands out; in fact, I would say that 
the D300S delivers the best autofocus I have ever 
experienced. And for travel and outdoor shooting, it’s 
the lightweight, practical size and rugged overall build 
that really shine. 
The DX format, with an effective picture angle 
equivalent to 1.5x the lens focal length, offers a big 
advantage for distance shooting. And the new AF-S 
DX NIKKOR 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5G ED lets me capture 
extreme wide-angle images too. 
The enhanced D-Movie feature is another great 
addition. I was able to fi lm fascinating band sequences, 
from extreme wide to long telephoto, all with high-
quality stereo recordings.
It is a camera that lets me do everything.
Ami Vitale 
Robert Bösch 
Outdoor/sports photographer
“The D300S is a persuasive reason to make 
the jump into multimedia.”
After using the D300S for a month, it has changed the 
way I view the craft of photography.
I put this camera to the test in India’s Thar Desert, with 
blistering temperatures and high winds driving hot sand 
that can destroy a camera. Thankfully, the D300S body 
is well sealed and it worked impeccably throughout.
What has me most excited about the camera is its 
superior video. I love the ease with which I can switch 
between still images and D-Movie. I had tried other 
cameras with video functions, but the D300S offers 
major quality differences that allow me to create high-
end multimedia pieces. And I am able to use the great 
NIKKOR lenses I already have, for gorgeous options.
The D300S is a very persuasive reason to make the 
jump into multimedia.
D 3 0 0 S :   O n   A s s i g n m e n t