Nikon 800 Brochure (en)

Nikon Firmware Update for Coolpix 800 Version 1.1
1. It is most important that you follow the supplied directions; failure to follow
all of the steps may result in your camera being disabled.
2. This update is for Coolpix 800 cameras only! It is strongly suggested that
you avoid any background process that may disrupt the Updater
communication process.
3. It is advised not to touch the mouse or keyboard once the uploader starts
to ensure against accidental launch of an application or other process.
4. This Software and Firmware is Licensed and Copyright of Nikon
Corporation Japan
1.0 System requirements
Macintosh users:
Mac® OS 7.1 or later
Verified models:
Power Macintosh 7600/133
Power Macintosh 9600
Power Macintosh 7100/80AV
Power Macintosh G3
Power Macintosh 9600
Power Macintosh Performa
Power Book G3
Power Macintosh 8500/132
*The software application does not operate properly with the Power
Book 1400 or on Macintosh computers that do not have an original
serial port fitted such as the iMac or G4
Windows Users
1. Microsoft Windows 95
2. Microsoft Windows 98
3. Microsoft Windows 98SE
4. Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
2.0 About software and firmware
The “Firmware Uploader Software for the E800 Ver.1.1” is a computer
program that updates the firmware in your COOLPIX 800 (E-800). The
firmware is a program, which runs inside the camera and controls its
operation. By running the Uploader Software you will install the new firmware
in the camera.
The process of transferring the new firmware from the computer to the
camera is sometimes called “Uploading,” “Upgrading” or “Updating” the