Nikon D2x Brochure (en)

Why Nikon?
A Quick Glance.
Danny Ellinger
Quick, sharp and accurate, Nikon’s autofocus system is
like my sixth sense. It is always faster than my own eyes,
often finding and focusing on my favorite subjects —
fast-moving birds — before I can. If a shot is lost, it is
because I missed it, not my Nikon. 
Erwin Windmuller
Nikkor lenses excel in almost any light condition.  I am
frequently surprised at the excellent results I get —
even at 1/15 of a second with extremely difficult 
backlighting. And working with Nikon converters means
working with three different lenses in one, with no 
compromises to quality. Three cheers for Nikon Lens
Soenar Chamid
Most of my work happens outdoors in cold weather.
That’s why I depend on Nikon for durability. Even in
harsh conditions, I know I can accomplish 500-800 
exposures a day for as long as I need. When I’m on the
road, my D2x and five SB-800 Speedlights give me 
studio-quality portraits no matter what the situation. No
other camera maker gives me such consistency. 
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The Professionals Know: Nikon Technology in their own words
Joe McNally
The Nikon Creative Lighting System is the latest and
greatest iteration of Nikon's legendary flash system. This
is smart technology. Compact, fast and dependable, it
frees the photographer to concentrate on the aesthetics
of the picture, and not the nuts, bolts, wires and cords
generally associated with most lighting systems.