Nikon d3s Brochure (en)

The D3S: on assignment
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Specifications and equipment are subject to change without any notice or obligation on the part of the manufacturer. October 2009           
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From the bustling metropolis of Sydney to aboriginal villages in 
the Outback, from a cold and dusty Aussie rules football pitch 
in Tasmania to the sun-baked desert in Nambung National 
Park, Sports Illustrated staff photographer and award-winning 
photojournalist, Bill Frakes roamed Australia for three weeks, 
testing the D3S relentlessly to serve his seemingly limitless 
photographic imagination.
As an artist with an immense respect for nature, award-winning 
wildlife photographer, Vincent Munier waits patiently in severe 
weather until his animal subjects grow to accept his presence. 
Only then will he begin photographing them. Vincent recently took 
the D3S on assignment with him to Norway and Finland. There, he 
and the D3S sat quietly in the wind and rain while getting to know 
the creatures of the Nordic forest.
Bill Frakes
Sports/Photojournalism (U.S.A.)
Vincent Munier
Nature/Wildlife (France)
        Every time I put the D3S to my eye, it's like opening a surprise 
present. It makes the child in me come out and play. Everything I see 
can be captured accurately and fluidly, and by combining still capture 
and D-Movie, I can meld motion and emotion into multidimensional 
expressions of visual and audio exploration.
I make career-defining decisions in milliseconds, and I want the best 
possible image quality every time I push the button. No matter who you are, or how you work, 
you never know when the cosmos will align in such a way that the perfect image is available. 
When it happens, I have to be ready in every conceivable way. This is why the D3S excites and 
motivates me. I need a camera that responds precisely, quickly and consistently. The D3S does 
that and more, and this kind of power gives me enormous freedom.
        Animal photography is a passion more than a profession. Sometimes 
I sit in the rain and snow for weeks just to experience a single brief 
moment with an animal. I need the best and most reliable equipment 
available so that I can take full advantage of the rare opportunities 
inherent in my work.
Many of my subjects are active only after the sun goes down. Yet 
with the D3S, I managed to photograph things that my eyes were practically unable to see. For 
example, I remember a brown bear that was just meters from my cabin in the Finnish taiga. It was 
the middle of the night, but just a short glimpse of his wet nose permitted me to focus, resulting 
in a surprisingly sharp picture. Capturing images like this is what makes the D3S invaluable.