Panasonic DMC-FX9 User Manual (en)

About the Battery 
(charging/number of recordable pictures)
∫ Battery indication
The remaining battery power appears on 
the screen. [It does not appear when you 
use the camera along with the AC adaptor 
(DMW-AC5; optional).]
• The battery indication turns red and blinks. 
(When the LCD monitor is set to off by the 
economy mode, the status indicator blinks.)
• Recharge the battery or replace it with 
fully charged battery.
∫ The battery life
The number of recordable pictures by 
CIPA standard (In normal picture mode)
• CIPA is an abbreviation of 
[Camera & Imaging Products Association].
Recording conditions by CIPA standard
• Temperature: 23 °C (73.4 °F)/
Humidity: 50% when LCD monitor is on.
• Using the supplied SD Memory Card (16 MB).
• Using the supplied battery.
• Recording starts 30 seconds after the 
camera is turned on.
• Recording once every 30 seconds, with 
full flash every other recording.
• Rotating the zoom lever towards Tele to 
Wide and vice versa in every recording.
• Turn the camera off every 10 recordings./
Leaving the camera until the battery is 
cooled down.
¢When the Power LCD function (P26) is used, 
the number of recordable pictures decreases.
Playback time
The number of recordable pictures and 
playback time will vary depending on the 
operating conditions and storing condition 
of the battery.
∫ Charging
Charging time and the number of 
recordable pictures with the optional 
battery pack (CGA-S005A) are the same 
as above.
• When charging starts, the [CHARGE] 
indicator lights.
∫ Charging error
• If a charging error occurs, the [CHARGE] 
indicator blinks in about 1 second cycles.
In this case, disconnect the charger from 
the electrical outlet, remove the battery 
and make sure that both room and battery 
temperature are not too low or high and 
then charge it again. If the [CHARGE] 
indicator still blinks even if you charge the 
battery for a while, consult the dealer or 
your nearest servicenter.
• When the operating time of the camera 
becomes extremely short even if the 
battery is properly charged, the life of the 
battery may have expired. Buy a new 
∫ Charging conditions
• Charge the battery under temperature of 
oC to 35 oC (50 oF to 95 oF). (Battery 
temperature should be the same also.)
• The performance of the battery may be 
temporarily deteriorated and the operating 
time may become shorter in low 
temperature conditions (e.g. skiing/
Number of 
recordable pictures
Approx. 270 pictures 
(Approx. 135 min)
The number of recordable pictures varies 
depending on the recording interval time.
If the recording interval time becomes 
longer, the number of recordable pictures 
[e.g., when taking pictures every 
2 minutes: about 1/4 of the amount (Approx. 
67 pictures) when recording once every 
30 seconds]
Playback time
Approx. 310 min
Charging time
Approx. 130 min