Panasonic DMC-FX9 User Manual (en)

[SETUP] menu (Refer to P21 for the setting method.)
Adjust the brightness of the LCD monitor in 
7 steps.
• The setting on the brightness of the LCD 
monitor also affects simple mode [
The recorded picture does not 
automatically appear.
[1SEC.]: The recorded picture 
automatically appears on the 
screen for about 1 second.
[3SEC.]: The recorded picture 
automatically appears on the 
screen for about 3 seconds.
[ZOOM]: The recorded picture 
automatically appears on the 
screen for about 1 second. Then 
it is enlarged 4 times and appears 
for about 1 second. This mode is 
useful for confirming focus. 
Pictures in auto bracket, burst 
mode or pictures with audio are 
not enlarged even if [ZOOM] is 
• In motion picture mode [
], auto review 
function is not activated.
• When pictures are recorded in auto 
bracket [
] (P43) or any speed ([
] and [
]) on burst mode (P45), 
the auto review function is activated 
regardless of the setting on the auto 
review function. (The picture is not 
• The auto review function is activated while 
pictures with audio are recorded 
regardless of the setting on the auto review 
function. (The picture is not enlarged.)
• The setting for the auto review function is 
disabled in auto bracket, burst mode, 
motion picture mode, [SELF PORTRAIT] 
(P64) in scene mode, or when [AUDIO 
REC.] is set to [ON].
The power save mode is activated 
(the camera is automatically turned 
off to save the battery life) if the 
camera has not been used for the 
time selected on the setting.
[OFF]: The power save mode is not 
• Press the shutter button halfway or turn 
the camera off and on to cancel the power 
save mode.
• When using the AC adaptor (DMW-AC5; 
optional)/connecting to a PC or a printer/
recording motion pictures/playing back 
motion pictures/during Slide Show, the 
power save mode is not activated. 
(However, during a manual Slide Show, 
the setting for the power save mode is 
fixed to [10MIN.].)
• The setting for power save mode is fixed 
to [2MIN.] during the following.
– When economy mode is set
– In simple mode [