Panasonic DMC-FX9 User Manual (en)

Recording pictures (basic)
∫ Focusing
• The focus range is 50 cm (1.64 feet) to 
• When you press the shutter button fully 
with one stroke, pictures may be blurry or 
• When the focus indication is blinking, the 
subject is not focused. Press the shutter 
button halfway and focus on the subject 
• If the camera will not focus after a few 
tries, turn it off and on and try again.
• In the following cases, the camera will not 
focus on subjects properly.
– When including both near and distant 
subjects in a scene.
– When there is dirt or dust on the glass 
between the lens and the subject.
– When there are illuminated or glittering 
objects around the subject.
– When taking a picture in a dark place.
– When the subject is moving fast.
– When the scene has low contrast.
– When jitter occurs.
– When recording a very bright subject.
We recommend taking pictures using AF/
AE lock (P30). In dark places, the AF 
assist lamp (P74) may turn on to focus on 
the subject.
• Even if the focus indication appears and 
the subject is focused, it is canceled when 
you release the shutter button. Press the 
shutter button halfway again.
∫ Jitter (camera shake)
• Be careful of jittering when pressing the 
shutter button, especially when fully 
zoomed into the subject.
• When jitter could occur because of slow 
shutter speed, the jitter alert 
A appears.
• When the jitter alert appears, we 
recommend using a tripod. If you cannot 
use a tripod, be careful of how you hold 
the camera (P30). The use of the 
self-timer (P41) prevents jittering caused 
by pressing the shutter button when you 
are using a tripod.
∫ Direction detection function
• If you take pictures by holding the camera 
vertically, the information of the rotation on 
the pictures is automatically added and 
recorded to the pictures.
When [ROTATE DISP.] (P81) is set to 
[ON], you can rotate and display pictures 
on the screen or the TV according to the 
information of the rotation on the pictures.
• When you take pictures by holding the 
camera vertically, read “Tips for taking 
good pictures” on P30 carefully.
• This function may not work properly on 
pictures recorded by aiming the camera 
up or down.
• In motion picture mode [
], you cannot 
use the direction detection function.