Panasonic DMC-FX9 User Manual (en)

Recording pictures (basic)
∫ Exposure
• If you press the shutter button halfway 
when the exposure is not adequate, the 
indication of the aperture value and the 
shutter speed turns red. (However, the 
aperture value and the shutter speed do 
not turn red when the flash is activated.)
• The brightness of the LCD monitor may 
differ from that of recorded pictures. The 
subject looks dark on the LCD monitor, 
but the actual picture is bright.
• When most of the subjects in the screen 
are bright (e.g. blue sky on a clear day, 
snowy field, etc.), the recorded pictures 
may become dark. In this case, 
compensate the exposure value on the 
camera. (P42)
• When you press the shutter button, the 
LCD monitor may become bright or dark 
for a moment. This function allows easy 
adjustment of focus and the recorded 
picture will not be affected.
• We recommend making sure the clock is 
set properly before taking pictures. (P20)
• When the time for power save is set (P22), 
the camera is automatically turned off if 
you do not operate within the set time.
When operating the camera again, press 
the shutter button halfway or turn the 
camera off and on.
• In some cases, if the distance between 
the camera and the subject is beyond the 
recordable range when you use the 
camera, the picture may not be properly 
focused even if the focus indication is lit.