Panasonic DMC-FX9 User Manual (en)

Recording pictures (basic)
∫ Shutter speed for each flash setting
¢The shutter speed changes depending on the slow shutter setting. (P75)
• There may be differences in the above shutter speeds in scene mode.
– [NIGHT SCENERY] mode: 8 to 1/2000th
– [BABY] mode (when using the flash): 1/30th to 1/2000th
– [STARRY SKY] mode: 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds
• Do not stare at the photo flash from 
close proximity.
• If you bring the flash too close to the 
subjects, they may be distorted or 
discolored by its heat and lighting.
• Do not cover the photo flash with your 
fingers or any other items.
• While the flash is being charged in 
economy mode, the LCD monitor is 
turned off.
• The flash icon turns red when activating 
the flash and pressing the shutter button 
• When you take a picture beyond the flash 
control range, the exposure may not be 
adjusted properly and the picture may 
become bright or dark.
• When you repeat taking a picture, 
recording may be disabled even if the 
flash is activated. Take a picture after the 
access indication disappears.
• When the jitter alert appears, we 
recommend using the flash.
• When you set to burst mode or auto 
bracket, only 1 picture is recorded for 
every flash activated.
• When the flash is being charged, the flash 
icon blinks red, and you cannot take a 
picture even when you press the shutter 
button fully.
• When taking a picture with the flash, the 
white balance will be automatically 
adjusted [except for [
] (Daylight)], but 
the white balance may not be properly 
adjusted if the flash level is insufficient.
• When the shutter speed is fast, the flash 
effect may not be sufficient.
Flash setting
Shutter speed (Sec)
1/60 to 1/2000
: AUTO/Red-eye reduction
1/60 to 1/2000
: Forced  ON
: Forced ON/Red-eye reduction
1/60 to 1/2000
: Slow sync./Red-eye reduction
 to 1/2000
: Forced  OFF
 to 1/2000