Panasonic DMC-FX9 User Manual (en)

Playback (basic)
Playback (basic)
Playing Back Pictures
1 Select the picture.
2: Play back the previous picture.
1: Play back the next picture.
• The last recorded picture will be played 
back first.
• When [ROTATE DISP.] (P81) is set to 
[ON], pictures recorded by holding the 
camera vertically are played back 
∫ Fast forwarding/Fast rewinding
When you keep pressing 
2/1 during 
playback, the file number and the page 
number are updated. If you release 
when the number of the desired picture 
appears, you can play back the picture.
1: Fast forward
2: Fast rewind
• When you keep pressing 
2/1, the 
number of files forwarded/rewound at a 
time is increased.
• If you release 
2/1 and press them again, 
the files will be forwarded/rewound one by 
• In review playback in the recording mode 
or multi playback, the picture can only be 
forwarded or rewound one by one.
• When you forward or rewind a large 
number of pictures, release 
2/1 once 
before reaching the picture to be played 
back, then press 
2/1 to forward/rewind 
pictures little by little.
• This camera is based on the DCF 
standard (Design rule for Camera File 
system) which was established by the 
Japan Electronics and Information 
Technology Industries Association 
• When changing the folder name or file 
name on a PC, the pictures will not be 
played back.
• The file format that can be played back 
with the camera is JPEG. (Even JPEG 
pictures cannot be played back in some 
• When playing back pictures that have 
been recorded with other equipment, the 
picture quality may deteriorate or the 
pictures may not play back.
• When playing back a non-standard file, 
the folder/file number is indicated by [—] 
and the screen may turn black.
• An interference fringe may appear on the 
screen depending on the subject. This is 
called moire. This is not a malfunction.
10:00  DEC. 1.2005
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