Panasonic DMC-FX9 User Manual (en)

Before Use
∫ About the Lens
• Do not direct the lens to the sun or strong 
light sources. It may cause not only a 
malfunction of the camera but irreversible 
damage to your eye.
• Do not press the lens strongly.
• Leaving the camera with the lens facing 
the sun may cause a malfunction. Be 
careful when you put the camera outside 
or near a window.
∫ About Condensation (When the lens 
is fogged up)
Condensation takes place when the 
ambient temperature or humidity is 
changed as follows:
Be careful of condensation since it causes 
stains on the lens, fungus or malfunction.
• When the camera is brought inside from 
the cold to a warm room.
• When the camera is moved from outside 
to an air-conditioned car.
• When cool wind from an air conditioner or 
other is directly blown onto the camera.
• In humid places
Put the camera into plastic bag until the 
temperature of the camera is close to the 
ambient temperature to avoid 
condensation. In case of condensation, 
turn the camera off and then leave it for 
about 2 hours.
When the camera becomes close to the 
ambient temperature, the fog disappears 
∫ If you will not be using the camera for 
a long time
• Store the battery in a cool and dry place 
with a relatively stable temperature.
[Recommended temperature:
oC to 25 oC (59 oF to 77 oF),
Recommended humidity: 40% to 60%]
• Be sure to remove the battery and the 
card from the camera.
• When the battery is left inserted in the 
camera for a long time, discharge takes 
place even if the camera is turned off. If 
you leave the battery inserted for an 
extended period of time, it will be 
excessively discharged and it may 
become unusable even after it is charged.
• To store the battery for a long period of 
time, we recommend charging it once 
every year and storing it again after you 
completely use up the charged capacity.
• When you keep the camera in a closet or 
a cabinet, we recommend storing it with 
the desiccant (silica gel).