Panasonic DMC-FX9 User Manual (en)

Recording pictures (advanced)
• When you set the picture quality to 
[30fpsVGA], we recommend using a 
high speed SD Memory Card with 
“10 MB/s” or greater displayed on the 
• Depending on the type of SD Memory 
Card and how many times it has been 
recorded onto or deleted, recording 
may stop in the middle. If something 
like this happens, clean-up may be 
effective. We recommend you clean up 
the card using the camera in advance. 
• We recommend using Panasonic’s SD 
Memory Card. (Use only genuine SD 
cards with an SD Logo.)
• The motion pictures cannot be recorded 
without audio.
• The settings of auto focus/zoom/aperture 
values are fixed to what they are when 
recording starts (in the first frame).
• Depending on the type of card, the card 
access indication appears for a while after 
recording motion pictures. However, this is 
not a malfunction.
• When motion pictures recorded with the 
camera are played back on other 
equipment, the quality of pictures and 
sounds may be deteriorated or it may not 
be possible to play them back.
• Motion pictures recorded with setting to 
[30fpsVGA], [30fpsQVGA] or [10fpsVGA] 
on this camera cannot be played back on 
equipment which does not support these 
• In motion picture mode [
], you cannot 
use the direction detection function and 
the review function.
• You cannot set [MODE2] on the optical 
image stabilizer function.
• Please note that the bundled software 
includes Quicktime to play back motion 
picture files created with the camera on 
the PC.