Panasonic DMC-FX9 User Manual (en)

Recording pictures (advanced)
[SCENE MODE] menu (Refer to P56 for information about how to select the menu.)
This mode allows you to take pictures 
against a night landscape. The subject can 
be recorded with brightness in real life by 
using the flash and slowing down the 
shutter speed.
∫ Technique for Night portrait mode
• Use the flash.
• Since the shutter speed becomes slow, 
we recommend using a tripod and the 
self-timer (P41) for taking pictures.
• Keep the subject still for about 1 second 
when taking a picture.
• We recommend taking pictures by rotating 
the zoom lever to Wide (1
k) and being at 
a distance about 1.5 m (4.92 feet) from 
the subject.
• The focus range is 1.2 m (3.94 feet) to 
5 m (16.4 feet).
(Refer to P39 for the flash control range.)
• The shutter may be kept closed (max. 
about 1 sec.) after taking a picture 
because of signal conditioning, but it is not 
a malfunction.
• When you take pictures in dark places, 
noise may become visible.
• The flash is always activated when the 
camera is set to Slow sync./Red-eye 
reduction [
• The ISO sensitivity is fixed to [AUTO].
This mode allows you to take a picture of a 
nightscape. The landscape can be 
recorded vividly by slowing down the 
shutter speed.
∫ Technique for Night scenery mode
• Since the shutter speed becomes slow 
(max. about 8 sec.), use a tripod. We also 
recommend using the self-timer (P41) for 
taking pictures.
• The focus range is 5 m (16.4 feet) to 
• The shutter may be kept closed (max. 
about 8 sec.) after taking a picture 
because of signal conditioning, but it is not 
a malfunction.
• When you take pictures in dark places, 
noise may become visible.
• The flash setting is fixed to Forced OFF 
• The ISO sensitivity is fixed to [ISO80].
• The setting on the AF assist lamp is 
• You cannot set the slow shutter.
Night portrait mode
Night scenery mode