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The compact digital for mega pictures
The high-quality lens 
LEICA DC VARIO-ELMARIT 6.3–25.2 mm f /2.8–4.9 ASPH.
with 4 x optical zoom is composed of lens elements made of complex optical glass 
and it features an ideal range of focal lengths that extends from 28 to 112 mm 
(35 mm equivalent). That enables you to cover practically everything from the wide-
angle to the telephoto range. The legendary Le ica image quality is enhanced even 
further with the 
optical image stabilizer
 (O.I.S.) that effectively compensates for 
camera shake to ensure razor-sharp pictures at all times, even in the telephoto range,
in low light conditions and when you take quick snapshots. And there is a choice 
 three picture formats :
 16:9 (8 MP) ; 3:2 (7 MP) ; 4:3 (6 MP) – of which the 16:9 
format is HDTV-ready for viewing. The 
large 2.5-inch display
 with 207,000 pixels 
renders a brilliant image for sure evaluation of your composition and reproduction. 
option of manually setting the aperture and the shutter speed
 gives you creative 
freedom. However, optimal images are also quick and easy with the 
scene programs 
and automatic controls.
 Select from as many as 14 scene modes. The new Digital 
Adapter 2 makes the camera ready for 
 – fantastic nature photographs 
through a spotting scope.   
You see the world in your own unique way. Show it with a Leica !
Those who take pictures discover new perceptions of the world and the times, 
of the unfamiliar as well as the familiar. For this desire to look at the world and 
to show it to others, the LEICA D-LUX 2 camera is the perfect tool. In the midst 
of a bustling crowd or from far away, in the noonday sun or under a full moon, 
in a calm demeanor or in great haste – the LEICA D-LUX 2 renders pictures with 
unparalleled brilliance. In three different formats. This digital camera, with its 
optics, its image stabilizer and 8.4 megapixels, meets the highest standards of 
the renowned Leica brand. Its stylish aluminum body makes the photographer 
look good on all occasions. And the high-quality Crumpler
 cases make it even 
more fun to take along. When are you going to take the LEICA D-LUX 2 into your 
world ?
Image type and format
Video sequences
Data recording
Storage media
Sensitivity setting
White balance
Digital zoom
Optical Image Stabilizer
Focusing range
Focusing Methods
Shutter speed range
1:1.65" CCD sensor with 8.6 megapixels and 8.4 effective megapixels in the 16:9 format.
In 16:9 format  3840 x 2160,  3072 x1728,  1920 x1080  (HDTV  standard)  pixels.
In 3:2 Leica format 3248 x 2160, 2560 x1712, or 2048 x1360 pixels.
In 4:3 format  2880 x 2160,  2304 x1728,  2048 x1536, 1600 x1200,  or 1280 x 960  pixels.
In 16:9  format  848 x 480  pixels  ;  In 4:3 format 640 x 480 pixels, or still in 4:3 format select 320 x 240 pixels at 
either 30 fps or 10 fps (frames per second). Video length is only limited by storage card capacity. Video recorded with sound.
File formats : Still pictures RAW, TIFF, JPEG (Fine/Standard) ; Video QuickTime Motion JPEG.
SD Memory Card and MultiMedia Card (64 MB SD Card supplied with camera).
Automatic or manual : ISO 80, 100, 200, or 400.
Choice of: automatic for daylight, overcast sky, halogen light ; 2 manual settings. Fine calibration of the white balance 
from –1500 to +1500K in 150K steps (not available in automatic mode).
LEICA DC VARIO-ELMARIT 6.3–25.2 mm f/2.8–4.9 ASPH. zoom lens (35 mm equivalent is 28–112 mm), 4 x optical zoom.
Zoom via a handy rocker switch.
2,8–8,0 (WW) 4,9–8,0 (Tele) 
4 x
2 operating modes : available for exposure only, or for exposure and monitor.
Normal mode : 50 cm (19 
") to infinity for wide-angle ; 120 cm (47") to infinity for telephoto. 
Macro mode : 5 cm (2") to infinity for wide-angle and 30 cm (12") to infinity for telephoto.
Autofocus (entire focusing range and macro), or manual with joystick ; the setting can be stored. 
Autofocus fields Choice of : 9 fields (full image area), faster autofocus with 3 fields across the center or with 
1 central field, 1 field or spot. Focusing range Normal mode : 50 cm (19 3⁄4") to infinity for wide-angle and 120 cm (47") 
to infinity for telephoto ; Macro mode : 5 cm (2") to infinity for wide-angle and 30 cm (12") to infinity for telephoto.
Exposure modes Programmed automatic, shutter-speed priority, aperture priority, and manual. 
Exposure metering Multi-field metering, center-weighted integral metering, spot metering ; settings can be stored. 
Exposure bracketing +/- 2 EV in 
 EV steps.
Full automatic mode 1/4 –1/2000 sec; in program mode: 1–1/2000 sec ; in shutter speed and aperture 
priority modes : 8–1/2000 sec ; manual settings : 60–1/2000 sec.
Scene programs
Toning effects
Image parameters
Printer compatibility
Power supply
Dimensions  (W x H x D)
Scope of delivery
Crumpler® Case
Direct mains connector
Lithium-Ion Battery
Digital Adapter 2 
Flash exposure modes Automatically activated flash with or without pre-flash (to prevent red-eye) ; manual fill-in flash with or 
without pre-flash ; SLOW for longer exposure times (with pre-flash) ; flash off. Flash range (ISO set at Auto) 0.6–4.1 m 
for wide-angle, and 0.3–2.3 m (1–7 
 ft) for telephoto. Flash exposure bracketing ±2 EV in 
 EV steps.
Portrait, sport, night-time landscape, night-time portrait, fireworks, party, snow, self-portrait, food, baby, soft-focus for skin, 
candlelight, starry sky, landscape.
Bluish, reddish, black and white or sepia.
2.5" TFT color display with 207,000 pixels.
With 2 or 10 second time delay.  
USB 2.0, DC IN (power supply), and AV OUT.
Adjustable parameters : Contrast, color saturation, sharpness, and noise suppression.
PictBridge, DPOF
Lithium-Ion battery, 3.7 V, 1150 mAH, or optional direct mains connector.
105.7 x 58.3 x 25.6 mm  (4  5/32" x 2  9/32" x1")
185 grams (6
ounces) without- or 220 grams (7
ounces) with battery, storage card and lens cap.
Camera with lens cap and carrying strap, 64 MB SD-Card, battery charger, Lithium-Ion battery, AV cable, USB cable, complete 
software package (Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0 including Leica RAW Plug-in, Quicktime Movie Player, USB driver). 
Padded case to hold camera, SD Card and extra battery. Red Order No. 18 647, Anthracite Order No. 18 639
ACA-DC4 with mains cable
LEICA BP-DC4 (replacement)
Digital Adapter 2 for LEICA TELEVID Order No. 42 303
Technical Data  
Scale 1:1
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