Leica m8 Software Guide (en)

Instructions for updating the LEICA M8 & M8.
1.  Format an SD memory card in your LEICA M8. 
2.  Turn off the camera and insert the card into an SD card reader – either integrated or connected to your 
computer. (A reader is required for Firmware updates). 
3.  Download the Firmware file from the Leica M8 site using the “UPDATES” link and unzip the file. 
4.  Save the unzipped file m8-2_004.upd at the top level of the card’s folder structure. 
Illustration example: Top level of card’s folder structure 
5.  Remove the card properly from your card reader, insert the card into the camera and close the bottom cover. 
6.  Turn on the camera using the main switch and wait for at least 3 seconds before continuing with step 7. 
7.  Confirm the prompt that appears in the monitor as to whether you want to update the firmware on the camera 
to version 2.004. 
The update process takes around 180s. You will then be prompted to restart the camera using the main 
8.  Turn the camera off and back on again. 
Note: If the battery does not have sufficient charge, you will see a corresponding warning message. 
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