Samsung dv150 User Manual (en)

Using programs on a computer
Available programs when using i-Launcher
Multimedia Viewer
You can view files with Multimedia Viewer. 
Firmware Upgrade
You can update the firmware of your camera.
Front LCD Animation 
You can download animations for the front LCD. 
PC Auto Backup
i-Launcher provides a link for downloading the PC 
Auto Backup program when you connect the camera 
to a computer. You can send photos or videos that you 
captured with the camera to a PC wirelessly.
If you use a Mac OS computer, only Firmware Upgrade and PC Auto Backup are 
Using i-Launcher
i-Launcher allows you to play back files with Multimedia Viewer and provides a link 
to download the PC Auto Backup program.
The requirements are recommendation only. i-Launcher may not work properly 
even when the computer meets the requirements, depending on the condition 
of your computer.
If your computer does not meet the requirements, videos may not play correctly. 
The manufacturer is not responsible for any damage that results from using 
unqualified computers such as a computer you assembled yourself.