Samsung dv150 User Manual (en)

Using Auto Backup to send photos or videos
Wireless network
•  When the transfer is completed, the camera will turn off automatically in 
approximately 30 seconds. Select Cancel to return to the previous screen and 
prevent the camera from turning off automatically.
•  To turn off your PC automatically after the transfer is complete, press [m], 
and then select Shut down PC after backup “ On.
•  To change the backup PC, select Change PC.
When you connect the camera to the WLAN, select the AP that is connected to 
the PC.
The camera will search for available access points even if you are connecting to 
the same access point again.
If you turn off the camera or remove the battery while sending files, the file 
transfer will be interrupted.
While you are using this feature, the shutter control is disabled on your camera.
You can connect only one camera to the PC at a time for sending files.
The backup may be canceled due to network conditions.
Photos or videos can be sent to a PC one time only. Files cannot be sent again 
even if you reconnect your camera to another PC.
When there are no files in the camera memory, you cannot use this feature.
You must turn off Windows Firewall and any other firewalls before using this 
You can send up to 1,000 recent files.
On the PC software, the server name must be entered in the Latin alphabet and 
can contain no more than 48 characters.
When multiple file types are created at once, only the image files (JPG) will be 
sent to the PC with this feature.