Samsung dv150 User Manual (en)

Wireless network
Uploading photos to online storage
On the Home screen, scroll to <Wi-Fi>.
Select Web storage.
•  To change the size for uploaded photos, press [m], and then select 
Upload Image Size.
•  If you have registered more than one web storage, you can select from the list 
by pressing [m], and then selecting Change Web storage.
•  If the guide message appears, press [o].
•  The camera will automatically attempt to connect to a WLAN via the most 
recently connected AP device.
•  If the camera has not previously been connected to a WLAN, it will search for 
available AP devices. (p. 109)
Enter your ID and password, and then select Login “ OK.
•  For information about entering text, refer to "Entering text". (p. 113)
•  To select an ID from the list, select   “ an ID.
•  If you have previously logged in to the website, you may be logged in 
To use this feature, you must create an AllShare Play account and an account 
with an affiliated online storage service using your PC. After finishing creating 
accounts, add your online storage account to AllShare Play. 
Scroll to the files you want to upload, and then press [o].
Select Upload.
If you have registered more than one web storage, select a web storage first.
You cannot upload video files to AllShare Play online storage.
When there are no files in the camera memory, you cannot use this feature.
You can upload up to 20 files.
You can also upload photos in Playback mode by pressing [m], and then 
selecting Share(Wi-Fi) “ AllShare Play.
Using AllShare Play to send files
You can upload files from your camera to AllShare Play online storage or view files on an AllShare Play device connected to the same AP.