Samsung dv150 User Manual (en)

A video format which is compressed as a JPEG image.
Misinterpreted pixels in a digital image that may appear as misplaced or random, 
bright pixels. Noise usually occurs when photos are shot with a high sensitivity or 
when a sensitivity is automatically set in a dark place.
Optical zoom
This is a general zoom which can enlarge images with a lens and does not degrade 
the quality of images.
An expression of the rate of compression used in a digital image. Higher quality 
images have a lower rate of compression, which usually results in a larger file size.
The number of pixels present in a digital image. High resolution images contain 
more pixels and typically show more detail than low resolution images.
ISO sensitivity
The sensitivity of the camera to light, based on the equivalent film speed used in 
a film camera. At higher ISO sensitivity settings, the camera uses a higher shutter 
speed, which can reduce blur caused by camera shake and low light. However, 
images with high sensitivity are more susceptible to noise.
JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group)
A lossy method of compression for digital images. JPEG images are compressed to 
reduce their overall file size with minimal deterioration of the image resolution.
LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)
A visual display commonly used in consumer electronics. This display needs a 
separate backlight, such as CCFL or LED, to reproduce colors.
This feature allows you to capture close-up photos of very small objects. When 
using the macro feature, the camera can maintain a sharp focus on small objects at 
a near life-size ratio (1:1).
The metering refers to the way in which the camera measures the quantity of light 
to set the exposure.