Samsung dv150 User Manual (en)

Using the Home screen
Basic functions
Icons on the Home screen
Smart Auto: Capture a photo with a scene mode selected 
automatically by the camera. (p. 44)
Program: Capture a photo with settings you have adjusted manually. 
(p. 45)
Smart Movie: Record a video with a scene mode selected 
automatically by the camera. (p. 46)
Movie: Record a video. (p. 47)
Scene: Capture a photo with options that are preset for a specific 
scene. (p. 48)
Live Panorama: Capture and combine a series of photos to create a 
panoramic image. (p. 49)
Settings: Adjust settings to match your preferences. (p. 130)
MobileLink: Send photos or videos to a smart phone. (p. 115)
Remote Viewfinder: Use a smart phone as a remote shutter release 
and see a preview on your smart phone of an image from your 
camera. (p. 116)
Auto Backup: Send photos or videos that you captured with the 
camera to a PC wirelessly. (p. 118)
Email: Send photos or videos stored on the camera via email. (p. 120)
SNS & Cloud: Upload photos or videos to file sharing websites.  
(p. 123)
AllShare Play: Upload photos to AllShare Play online storage or view 
files on devices that support AllShare Play. (p. 125)