Samsung dv150 User Manual (en)

Using the Home screen
Basic functions
Self Shot: Use the front display when you capture a self portrait.  
(p. 51)
Children: Attract children’s attention with a short animation on the 
front display. (p. 52)
Jump Shot: Let your subjects know the best moment to jump with a 
countdown on the front display. (p. 53)
Beauty Shot: Capture a portrait with options to hide facial 
imperfections. (p. 54)
Night Shot: Capture a night scene by adjusting shutter speed. (p. 55)
Close-up Shot: Capture close-up photos of subjects. (p. 56)
Magic Frame: Capture a photo with various frame effects. (p. 57)
Beauty Palette: Capture a portrait, and then add various beautifying 
effects. (p. 58)
Photo Filter: Capture a photo with various filter effects. (p. 59)
Movie Filter: Record a video with various filter effects. (p. 60)
Split Shot: Capture several photos and arrange them with preset 
layouts. (p. 61)
Motion Photo: Capture and combine a series of photos, and then 
select an area to be animated to create a GIF animation. (p. 62)
Album: View files as thumbnails. (p. 86)
Photo Editor: Edit photos with various effects. (p. 95)