Samsung dv150 User Manual (en)

Capturing photos
Basic functions
Turning on the front display
The front display helps you capture photos while viewing yourself.
In Shooting mode, press [F.LCD].
•  Press [F.LCD] again to turn it off.
Several buttons are not available when the front display turns on.
In Self Shot, Children, and Jump Shot modes, the front display will activate 
When you set timer options, the front display will remain active. (p. 66)
When you use the camera in brightly lit or sunny areas, you may not be able to 
see the front display clearly.
The front display will not activate when you press [F.LCD] in Playback mode.
When the front display is on, the camera consumes more battery power.
You can capture close-up photos by adjusting the zoom.
Zoom out
Zoom in
Zoom ratio
When you rotate the zoom button, the zoom ratio shown on the screen may 
change inconsistently.