Samsung dv150 User Manual (en)

Health and safety information
Keep cards with magnetic strips away from the camera case.
Information stored on the card may be damaged or erased.
Never use a damaged charger, battery, or memory card.
This may result in electric shock or camera malfunction or cause a fire.
Do not place the camera in or near magnetic fields.
Doing so may cause the camera to malfunction.
Do not use the camera if the screen is damaged.
If the glass or acrylic parts are broken, visit a Samsung Electronics Service Center to 
have the camera repaired.
Check that the camera is operating properly before use.
The manufacturer takes no responsibility for any loss of files or damage that may 
result from camera malfunction or improper use.
You must plug the small end of the USB cable into your camera.
If the cable is reversed, it may damage your files.  
The manufacturer is not responsible for any loss of data.
Avoid interference with other electronic devices.
Your camera emits radio frequency (RF) signals that may interfere with unshielded 
or improperly shielded electronic equipment, such as pacemakers, hearing aids, 
medical devices, and other electronic devices in homes or vehicles. Consult the 
manufacturers of your electronic devices to solve any interference problems you 
experience. To prevent unwanted interference, use only Samsung-approved devices 
or accessories.
Use your camera in the normal position.
Avoid contact with your camera’s internal antenna.
Data transference and your responsibilities
•  Data transferred via WLAN can be hacked, so avoid transferring sensitive data in 
public areas or on open networks.
•  The camera manufacturer is not liable for any data transfers that infringe on 
copyrights, trademarks, intellectual property laws, or public decency ordinances.