Samsung dv150 User Manual (en)

Viewing photos or videos in Playback mode
Move the enlarged area
Press [D/c/F/t].
Trim the enlarged photo
Press [o], and then select Yes.  
(The trimmed photo will be saved as a new file. The 
original photo is retained in its original form.)
When you view photos that were captured by another camera, the zoom ratio may 
Viewing panoramic photos
View photos captured in Live Panorama mode.
In Playback mode, press [F/t] to scroll to a desired panoramic 
•  The entire panoramic photo appears on the screen.
Press [o].
•  The camera automatically scrolls through the photo from left to right for a 
horizontal panoramic photo and from top to bottom for a vertical panoramic 
photo. The camera then switches to Playback mode.
•  While playing back a panoramic photo, press [o] to pause or resume.
•  After you have paused the playback of a panoramic photo, press 
[D/c/F/t] to move the photo horizontally or vertically, depending on 
the direction you moved when capturing the photo.
Press [m] to return to Playback mode.
The camera automatically scrolls through the panoramic photo only if the longest 
side of the photo is two or more times longer than the shortest side.