Samsung l55 User Manual (en)

Warning indicator
ƈPlease check the following
Before contacting a service centre
ϛWhen taking pictures in dark places
ƍ Take pictures in Flash Photography mode.
ϛWhen selecting too many printing pages in the PictBridge menu. 
ƍ Select printing page within the limitation. 
The camera doesn’t switch on
ϛThere is low battery capacity
ƍ Insert charged battery (p.17)
ϛBattery are inserted incorrectly with the polarities reversed
ƍ Insert the battery according to the polarity marks (+, -)
ϛThe rechargeable battery is not inserted
ƍ Insert the battery and turn on the camera
The camera power ceases while in use
ϛThe battery are exhausted
ƍ Insert charged battery
ϛThe Camera is turned off automatically
ƍ Turn on the camera power again. 
Battery drain quickly
ϛThe Camera is being used in low temperatures
ƍ Keep the camera in warm conditions (i.e. inside a coat or jacket) and only remove it in
order to take images