Samsung l55 User Manual (en)

Before contacting a service centre
Camera does not take images when pressing the Shutter button
ϛThere is insufficient memory capacity
ƍ Delete unnecessary image files
ϛThe memory card has not been formatted
ƍ Format the memory card (p.99)
ϛThe memory card is exhausted
ƍ Insert a new memory card
ϛThe memory card is locked
ƍ Refer to [CARD LOCKED!] error message (p.110)
ϛThe camera’s power is off
ƍ Turn the camera power on
ϛThe battery are exhausted
ƍ Insert charged battery.
ϛBattery is inserted incorrectly with the polarities reversed
ƍ Insert the battery according to the polarity marks (+, -)
The camera suddenly stops working while in use 
ϛThe camera was stopped due to a malfunction
ƍ Remove /re-insert battery and switch the camera on
The images are unclear
ϛA picture was taken the subject without setting an appropriate macro mode
ƍ Select an appropriate macro mode to take a clear image.
ϛThe picture was taken with the subject beyond the flash range
ƍ Take a picture within the flash range
ϛThe lens is smudged or dirty
ƍ Clean the lens
The flash does not fire
ϛFlash off mode has been selected
ƍ Dis-engage flash off mode
ϛThe camera mode can’t use the flash
ƍ Refer to the FLASH instruction (p.37)
Incorrect date and time is displayed
ϛThe date and time have been set incorrectly or the camera has adopted the default settings
ƍ Reset the date and time correctly