Samsung l55 User Manual (en)

Setting up the application software
8. The Software License Agreement window will open, asking
you to agree to the licensing. Use the button on the bottom
left to select the language of your choice, and then click
[Agree] to accept the license agreement. The installation
will proceed to the next stage. If you do not agree to the
license agreement, click [Disagree]. The installation will be
canceled. If the language of your choice is not listed, please
select [English].
9. A window will open, asking you to select a destination
folder where the files will be copied to. Click [Next >].
To copy the files to another folder, click [Browse..] Browse
to a folder you want to copy the files to.
10. The Choose Installation Type window will open.
Click [Next >].
[Minimum] : Installs required files only.
[Recommended] : Installs required files and the most
commonly used optional files.
[Custom] : Allows you to install only the components you
11. A window will open, asking you to choose a folder to
which program icons will be added. Click [Next >].
If you want to add the program icons to a different folder,
choose another folder, and then click [Next >].
[Click !]
[Click !]
[Click !]
12. The Enter Registration window appears.
Enter your name and organization in the respective fields,
and then click [Next >].
You do not have to enter a registration number.
[Click !]