Samsung l55 User Manual (en)

Setting up the application software
25. A window will be displayed as shown alongside.
Click the [INSTALL] button.
- If you click the [MANUAL] button instructions,
instructions for using Digimax reader will be
- Click the [EXIT] button and the Digimax reader
installation will be cancelled and a window for
restarting the computer will appear.
26. A window will open. Click the [Next >] button.
[Click !]
[Click !]
27. The Software License Agreement window will be
displayed. If you agree to this, click [Yes],
the window will then move to the next step.
If you disagree, click [No] and the installation
program will be cancelled.
[Click !]
24. Digimax Master installation is successfully
Click the [Finish] button to install Digimax Reader.
* The screen shot of step 24 can be different from
the illustration depending on the system
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