Samsung l55 User Manual (en)

Setting up the application software
ƃ If you have installed the camera driver, The [Found New Hardware Wizard] may not open.
ƃ On a Windows 98 or 98 SE system, the Found New Hardware Wizard dialog box opens
and a window asking you to select a driver file may appear. In this case, specify "USB
Driver" in the CD supplied. (for Windows 98 and 98 SE).
ƃ Before connecting the camera to the PC, You should first install the camera driver.
ƃ After installing the camera driver, you have to restart your PC.
ƃ If you connect the camera to the PC before installing the camera driver, the [Found New
Hardware Wizard] will open.
In this case, cancel the [Found New Hardware Wizard] and disconnect the camera.
Install the camera driver and connect the camera to the PC again.
ƃ Should the computer not find the camera driver after installation, please try one or more of
the following measures.
1. Delete the camera driver (p.130), and re-install the driver.
2. Refer to FAQ (p.142) to check for a possible solution to the problem.
3. If your PC’s central processing unit is VIA chip (This is shown in the USB Host
Controller), download the patch file from the Samsung Camera web page.
33. If you can see [Removable Disk] under [My computer],
the camera driver installation was successful.
Now you can transfer image files from the camera to
PC via the USB cable.