Samsung l55 User Manual (en)

ƃ Movie edit : You can get the still image, movie clip, narration, music files together in a movie clip.
- Movie clip edit functions are listed below.
ڹ Edit menu : You can select the following menus.
[Add Media] : You can add other media elements to a movie.
[Edit Clip]
: You can change the brightness, contrast, colour and saturation.
: You can insert an effect.
[Set Text]
: You can insert texts.
: You can insert a narration.
: You can save the edited multi media as a new file name.
You can insert multi media in this window. You can select AVI, Windows
media (wmv), Windows media (asf) and movie clip for this camera (AVI,
MPEG-4) file types.
ں Frame display window : You can insert multi media in this window.
ſ Some movie clips that was compressed with a codec that is not compatible with the Digimax
Master can’t play back in the Digimax Master.
ſ Refer to the [Help] menu in Digimax Master for further information.
Digimax Master