Samsung l55 User Manual (en)

Connecting to a Power Source
ƃ Always turn off the power before taking the SAC-41 out of the mains supply.
ƃ As with all mains powered devices, safety is important. Ensure that neither the camera
nor Charger comes into contact with water or metallic materials.
ƃ Please ensure that you use the SAC-41 with the correct specification for the camera.
Failure to do so may affect your warranty.
If you have access to a mains supply, using an SAC-41 allows the camera to be used for long
periods of time.
Plug the SAC-41 into the DC connection terminal on the camera or cradle.
Before turning on the camera power with an SAC-41, insert the rechargeable battery that was
charged for over 10 minutes with turning off the camera. 
ƃ Charging with the cradle
1. Insert the rechargeable battery into the battery
ƈ How to charge the rechargeable battery (SLB-1237) with the SAC-41.
Using the SAC-41
Charging LED
2. Place the camera correctly in the cradle. 
3. Put the SAC-41 into your power socket
and DC connection terminal of the cradle.