Samsung l55 User Manual (en)

ƃ To get an image that can be recognized as a text :
- Keep a distance that you can capture the image clearly between the subject and the camera.
- The subject need to be centered.
- Avoid camera shake to get a good image.
ƃ Refer to the [Help] menu in Digimax Reader for further information.
9. Select the file type that you want.
Selectable file types : *.TXT, *.HWP, *.DOC, *.RTF
ƈ Please check the following if the USB connection malfunctions.
[Case 1] 
The camera power is off.
ƍ Turn the camera power on. 
[Case 2]
USB Driver is not installed correctly.
ƍ Install the USB Driver correctly. Refer to page 118.
[Case 3]
The USB cable is not connected or you are using a cable with an incorrect
ƍ Use a USB cable with the correct specification.
[Case 4]
The camera is not recognized by your PC.
Sometimes, the camera may appear under [Unknown Devices] in Device
ƍ Install the camera driver correctly.
Turn off the camera, remove the USB cable, plug in the USB cable again, and
then turn on the camera.
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