Samsung l55 User Manual (en)

[Case 9]
When I open the Device Manager (by clicking Start ƍ (Settings) ƍ Control
Panel ƍ (Performance and Maintenance) ƍ System ƍ (Hardware) ƍ Device
Manager), there are  
èUnknown Deviceséor  èOther Deviceséentries with a
yellow question mark (?) beside them or devices with an exclamation mark (!)
beside them.
ƍ Right-click on the entry with the question (?) or exclamation (!) mark and select
"Remove". Restart the PC and connect the camera the again. For Windows 98
PC, remove the camera driver also, restart the PC, and then reinstall the
camera driver.
ƍ Double-click on the entry with the question (?) or exclamation (!) mark, click the
"Driver" tab, and click [Update Driver] or [Reinstall Driver]. If a message appears
asking you to specify the location of the appropriate device driver, specify "USB
Driver" in the CD supplied.
[Case 10]
In some security programs (Norton Anti Virus, V3, etc.), the computer may not
recognise the camera as a removable disk.
ƍ Stop the security programs and connect the camera to the computer. Refer to
the security program instructions about how to stop the program.
ƈ When the movie clip doesn’t play back on the PC
ſ When the movie clip recorded by the camera doesn’t play back on the PC, the causes are
mostly due to the codec installed on the PC.
ƃ When the DirectX 9.0 or later is not installed
ƍ Install the DirectX 9.0 or later
1) Insert the CD provided with the camera
2) Run the windows explorer and select [CD-ROM drive:\USB Driver\DirectX 9.0] folder and
click the DXSETUP.exe file.The DirectX will be installed. Visit the following site for
downloading the DirectX.