Samsung l55 User Manual (en)

Connecting to a Power Source
ſ If you connect the SAC-41 to camera without inserting the rechargeable battery, the charging
LED will brink or be off. In this case, insert the battery and connect the SAC-41 again. 
ƈ Important information about battery (SLB-1237) charging with the SAC-41
ƃ If the charging LED of the SAC-41 does not turn on or
blink after inserting the rechargeable battery, please
check whether the battery are inserted correctly.
ƃ Please check the battery charging status with the
charging LED of SAC-41.
Charging LED
Charging LED
ƃ Charging with the camera
1. Insert the rechargeable battery into the battery
2. Put the SAC-41 into your power socket and DC
connection terminal of the camera.
ƈ How to charge the rechargeable battery (SLB-1237) with the SAC-41.