Samsung l55 User Manual (en)

Important information about the rechargeable battery.
ƃ If you charge the battery with the camera power on, the battery can't charge fully. 
To charge the battery fully, turn the camera off when you charge it. 
ƃ If you insert the fully discharged battery to charge it, do not turn on the camera at the
same time. The camera may not be turned on because of the low battery capacity.
Charge the battery for over 10 minutes to use the camera. 
ƃ Do not use the flash frequently or take a movie clip with the fully discharged battery
charged for a short time. Even if the charger is inserted, the camera power may be turned
off because the rechargeable battery is discharged again.
Connecting to a Power Source
ƈ Charging LED of the SAC-41
Using the cradle
Direct to the camera
Being Charged
Red LED is on
Red LED is on
Charging is complete
Green LED is on
Green LED is on
Charging error
Red LED is off or blinking 
Red LED is off or blinking
ƃ If there is a charging error, please check all the power connections are in place.
ƃ A USB cable for transmitting data can’t be used for charging the rechargeable battery. 
ƈ Charging time (When the camera is turned off)
- Using the cradle
: About 150MIN
- Using the SAC-41
: About 150MIN